KAREX is a company operating in the road construction industry. The company was founded in 1991. Since then, it has been gradually increasing the number of regular clients, subcontractors, and cooperating companies. It is located in Ociąż near Nowe Skalmierzyce, at Torowa 16 street.

Our Services

KAREX offer a broad range of services:

Construction materials

Road Engineering

Other services

Road Construction

A specific branch of industry, which is road construction, requires the use of appropriate methods of operation. When carrying out the construction and repairs of roads, KAREX relay on professional equipment and materials, that allow for the implementation of services at the highest level. All construction works are
performed by a group of qualifies professionals with many years of experience in road engineering. The result is smooth and durable roadways, ensuring drivers’ safety while driving. All customers can count on timely realisation at the highest level, as well as competitive prices.

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Why choose our services?

High quality

Our company offers the highest quality products which are approved by the Factory Production Control (FPC) and National Institute of Hygiene (Hygienic Certificate)


We carry out all projects and services in accordance with agreed programme and deadlines


Our company has been operating continuously since 1991, which allowed us to gain extensive experience in road construction engineering. Since then, we have been gradually increasing the number of satisfied clients and developed strong relationship with subcontractors.

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