Hot Mix Asphalt

Types of hot mix asphalts (HMA)

We offer the following hot mix asphalts:

  • Asphalt concrete AC 11S50/70 KR 1-2
  • Asphalt concrete AC 11W50/70 KR 1-2
  • Asphalt concrete AC 8S50/70 KR 1-2

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the implemented Factory Production Control system within our company that meets the requirements of the PN-EN 13108-21 standard. We also have a National Certificate of Factory Production Control confirming that our products meet the requirements of the PN-EN 13108-1 standard.

Hot mix asphalt collection is possible by prior arrangement. For information on prices and collection dates, please contact us: (0-62) 7629875 or 603 859 777.

The price and method of delivery are agreed individually.

We offer price discounts for regular customers.

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