Road Construction

Road engineering

The main area of KAREX’s activity is road construction. The company offers services in the field of construction of roads, sidewalks, car parks and squares, as well as road improvements.

The company carries out road works both within smaller and larger projects, depending on the needs of clients. For successful implementation, KAREX use professional equipment from the best construction equipment manufacturers. We also use high-class materials that have been tested many times and have proven durability and the best performance. A skilled team of professionals ensures quick and efficient execution of every order related to road construction. KAREX ensure timely implementation, preventing delays associated with financial losses. Many years in the road construction industry allowed us to thoroughly understand the requirements and needs of clients.

If you have any question regarding KAREX offer, please contact us by phone or e-mail. The company is distinguished by an individual approach to each customer, professional services and competitive prices. We encourage to familiarise yourself with the full offer of the company.

Other road construction activities

As part of road construction and maintenance, we also perform:

Spray application of asphalt emulsion  

As a manufacturer of asphalt emulsions, KAREX offer comprehensive application of asphalt emulsion.

We have emulsion sprayers with tank capacity from 8 to 10 tons. They are equipped with a computer system for controlling the emulsion output per square meter. The accuracy of spraying is 0.01kg/m2. After the work is completed, the operator can print a report on the work performed. It contains information about the sprayed area and the amount of emulsion per square meter.

Recently, we sprayed the following road construction sites:

  • Ostrów Wielkopolski bypass for Budimex
  • S3 Gorzów-Szczecin expressway for Berger Bau
  • Oleśnica bypass for Budimex
  • A2 motorway for Budimex
  • A1 motorway for Aprivia sp z o.o. and SRB Civil Engineering LTD
  • S5 expressway – Rawicz and Bojanow bypass for ALPINE Bau GmbH
  • and many others

Asphalt sealcoat edging, road verge construction and hot mix widenings

  • Asphalt sealcoat edging is performed by using the Strassmaier RWK 600/500 with a capacity of about 5km per day.
  • Verge construction and hot mix widenings are performed by using a Hydrog equipment.

Road repairs with asphalt emulsion and basalt grits

  • Chip seal – surface treatment designed to protect and extent the lifespan of pavements. Can be used to protect new surfaces, to improve surface macrotexture and to prolong the lifespan of existing pavements
  • Pothole filling with asphalt emulsion and aggregate (basalt grits) using Asphalt Pothole Patcher

Other services

  • Transport and construction equipment service
  • Exploitation of natural aggregate deposit
  • Waste processing
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